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Our Story

Our story begins at a time where a young boy is asked to translate for his mother who only spoke Spanish and was diagnosed with diabetes type-2. On this occasion, she was recommended whole grains, whole foods, potatoes, and tofu. Due to cultural differences, the provider failed to recognize the family's food pantry was filled with arroz, frijoles, and tortillas. We created Kamino (Spanish for "path") to pave a new way to wellness for people like our parents.

Your Path to Wellness Starts Here

Preventing Diabetes While Improving the Health and Wellness of our Latinx Community.

Virtual Consultation

Enjoy your virtual visit from the comfort of your home. Each visit is 60 mins long.

Cultural Connection

As our technology offering grows, our cultural connection will always be at the heart of what we do. Like the stories shared by the founders, we're creating a new path to health and wellness.

Services / Servicios

Preventing Diabetes While Improving the Health and Wellness of our Latinx Community. Our services include Diabetes Prevention, Diet and Obesity Counseling, and Personal Wellness. 

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Overall Wellness


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Nutrition Planning


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Kamino Care For All

Our Story

Video Description

In today’s world, if you’re looking to get from point A to point B, you can do so by getting in an Uber. If you’re traveling, you can just stay at an AirBnB. Even Netflix knows what shows and movies you’ll like. We took the best of these experiences and created a new one. A new health experience that’s inclusive of everyone. At Kamino, we’ve created a new path to health and wellness for all.

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How It Works

Download Kamino Care

1. Download Kamino

Download Kamino Care on the Apple and Google Play Store.

Kamino Care

2. Create a Profile

Create profile based on your personal preferences and wellness goals.

Kamino Care Personal Wellness

3. Choose Your Provider

Choose a provider of your choice. Look at expertise, experience, and ratings.

Download Kamino Care

4. Schedule Date

Choose the date and time of your visit.

5. Meet with Provider

Meet with your provider via a virtual visit.


Portland Incubator Experiment

Kamino Care is a 2020 Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) company. Kamino Care is backed by the City of Portland and some of Portland’s most innovative healthcare providers and tech entrepreneurs.

Oregon Bioscience Incubator

Oregon Bioscience Association members are involved in cutting-edge research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, and environmental biotechnologies. OBI represents the state’s biotech research institutions, service providers to the industry, and academic centers of learning.

Founder Gym

Kamino Care is a 2020 Founder Gym Cohort 10 company, Kamino Care is backed by the largest online accelerator designed to help underrepresented tech startup founders.

Paving a New Path to Wellness

Our Team

Heber Michaels

Chief Executive Officer

Heber Michaels is a serial entrepreneur and a visionary leader. 

Nick Morgan

Chief Product Officer

Nick Morgan is an award-winning user experience design veteran. For over 20 years, he continues to deliver world-class digital experiences. 

Marion Handler

Behavior Change Expert

Marion Handler helped roll out Qualcomm's Employer benefit program that covered 15,000 employees

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Kamino Care 2.0

We're launching Kamino Care 2.0 soon!l

The Origins of Kamino Care

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Email: heber@kaminocare.com
Phone: 503 954 5552